Sunday, February 21, 2010

classic preschool collection game @75rb, beli 2 jadi @72.500
mainan yg membantu merangsang anak anda utk berinteraksi.
dipacking dengan bentuk seperti buku, bahannya bagusbanget loohh
memudahkan menyimpan mainan tanpa takut tercecer.
ingin dibawa2pun juga mudah.
ukuran 23x18x4cm.
keluaran milton bradley
ada 4 macam pilihan game :

memory game : a child's 1st matching game!
contents : 72 picture cards, storage tray and instructions
try to remember what's hiding where, then flip the cards to make pair.

chutes and ladders (ular tangga) : the classic up and down game!
contents : full size gameboard, 4 powns with plastic stands, spinner with arrow and instructions.
children learn counting numbers while trying to reach #100.

candy land : sweet journey through a delicious world!
contents : full size gameboard, 4 gingerbread tokens, deck of cards, instruction.
just pull it out, pick a card and move along the path of fun.

hi ho! cherry-o : a child's first counting game!
contents : gameboard with spinner and 4 buckets, 4 tree cards, 40 cherries and instructuoins.
introduces children to counting in a simple yet fun game. just pull it out, spin the arrow, and try to pick your tree clean. be the 1st to fill bucket with all 10 cherries and win!

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