Sunday, January 31, 2010

Promo Februari.....
untuk 10 pembeli pertama, free ongkir jakarta
untuk area lain, disc ongkir 5rb.

Laptop dgn 30 fungsi @125rb
untuk 10 pembeli pertama, free ongkir jakarta
untuk area lain, disc ongkir 5rb.

hanya 1 warna sesuai gambar

witHappy Choochoo @59rb
untuk 3 pembeli pertama, free ongkir jakarta
untuk area lain, disc ongkir 5rb.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mini Trolley Bag Ladybug @105rb => dah restock lagi
aslinya lucu juga, selain jadi tas trolley, bisa diransel juga loh
Janice sampe minta 1 nih.
Size 25.4 x 26.7 x 10.16 cm (cocok buat 1-5th)
bahan vinyl pvc

Sogg Cow Design 170rb

  • An egg carton with 6 cow design socks
  • Anti skid base for safe toddling
  • Shaped heel for a better fit
  • One size fits 0-12 months

Thudguard Safety Hat @380rb

tersedia dlm 2 warna : blue n lilac

merupakan pelindung kepala untuk anak/balita yg baru belajar merangkak, merambat, berdiri maupun yg sudah jalan.

Research has shown that Thudguard® is most beneficial when an infant is still less than sure footed and used a few times per day, in short intervals in a controlled and vigilant environment. These training milestones will help to safely aid in the development of your toddlers gross motor skills by protecting our precious loved ones little brains from everyday thuds and bumps.

After confidence has steadily been improved in small amounts when indoors, this unique head cushion can then be reduced to using outdoors and may help by offering extra head protection at play parks or any other, "less than child friendly surroundings". (For more in depth information - Techniques to assist baby with "learning to walk" / Head Injury Advice / "When should my infant wear a Thudguard? " and more - See our FAQ Page).

  • ½ inch thick impact tested protective foam hat is designed to help absorb and reduce the impact of falls from a child's own height and may lessen the chance of head injury when infants are learning to walk.
  • Comfortable (stretchy), circumference band allows for growth and ventilation.
  • Adjustable soft (stretchy), elastic chinstrap.

  • Ultra lightweight materials avoid pressure on developing neck muscles.
  • Thudguard® is endorsed and supported by experts worldwide.
  • Help to promote early cycle helmet wearing habits.
  • Ideal head cushion - for the sitting up / crawling / pulling up against furniture / first steps / walking and playing outdoor stages. Also protect those little noggins against icy slips and tumbles in the snow.

  • Thudguard® now has extra added ventilation!


Baby Light n Clip @89.900
Gunting kuku bayi yg dilengkapi dgn lampu

  • Lighted Nail Clipper
    Light illuminates from under baby's tiny nail...…taking the guess work out of just where to safely clip! Trim in dark or dimly lit room while baby's sleeping!

  • Safety Guards
    Help prevent baby's tiny fingertip from going in between cutting blades.

  • Nail Clipping Tray
    Helps keep clippings from falling into baby's bedding.

  • Comfort Control Handle
    For easy holding and maneuvering.

  • Travel Case
    For moms on the go!

  • Includes:
    AA battery
Baby Inspired…Mother Invented…Parent Approved!

Like most new moms I had many concerns regarding baby safety, baby care and child safety in general. One concern was trimming my newborns nails without hurting or cutting his fingers.

I knew little about baby clippers but could see that they all had drawbacks to my infant’s safety and my confidence as a new mother. Baby nail clippers are not all the same even though they may seem to be.

Our invention, Baby Light & Clip®, came about through having little success when searching for safety gear in the category of grooming products such as nail clippers mainly safety nail clippers and baby essentials that were geared toward safely for my new baby.
With my little guy being a wiggler and it being hard to see just where to clip, it was on going struggle to trim his nails… Most Pediatricians said, “It is best to trim a baby’s nails while they are sleeping.” It was difficult enough to see his tiny nails in the daylight much less in a dark or dimly lit room…

Talking to Moms, they told me horror stories of how they had accidentally cut their child’s finger because they also had a difficult time seeing where to safely trim and keeping their child still…

With all this consideration Baby Light & Clip® was created with 4 main safety features. We are proud to be a part of providing safety and comfort to parents with our new and unique lighted nail clipper that illuminates from under baby’s tiny nail, taking the guesswork out of where to safely clip.

We hope our safety clipper helps make trimming your child’s nails stress free, painless and easy for you and your baby. Baby Light & Clip® also makes a great shower gift for new mommy and can be found in baby shops, gift shops, hospital gift shops, baby boutiques, pharmacies, drug stores and where unique gifts are found. For use on Infants, toddlers or for the child who still may need trimming while they’re sleeping! Now trimming my son, Tor’s, nails is no longer a struggle. It’s easy and more importantly safe for him.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Aneka asessories untuk botol MOMO Baby nih

Momo Baby Bottle Handles 47.500 (1pack isi 2)
converts any baby bottle from the wide-neck plastic series and converts it into a sippy cup.

- Made of BPA-free polypropylene (PP)
- Compatible with all Momo Baby wide-neck plastic bottle series

ready stock warna biru

Momo Baby Wide Neck Silicone Spouts - 2-Pack 42.500

Momo Baby's new improved Wide Neck Sippy Spout with the addition of handles, converts any wide neck plastic product from the Momo Baby series into a Sippy Cup.

- Two spouts per pack
- Easy-clean spout
- Teething friendly
- Made of food-grade liquid silicone with high strength and transparency

Momo Baby Wide Neck X-Cut Silicone Nipples - 2-Pack
Momo Baby's new improved X-Cut Wide Neck nipple controls the flow of milk based on the baby's suction. This allows the milk to flow with the rhythm of sucking and swallowing, preventing extra air from entering thus helping reduce colic.

- Two silicone nipples per pack
- Made of food-grade liquid silicone with high strength and transparency
- Elasticity of nipple promotes healthy jaw formation
- Shape of nipple simulates breast-feeding, enabling smooth transition to bottle feeding
- X-cut nipples can be used for babies at any age

Momo Baby Wide Neck Medium Flow Silicone Nipples - 2-Pack 42.500

Momo Baby's new improved Medium Flow Wide Neck nipple features a unique vertical and horizontal double-venting system that effectively reduces colic and prevents the nipple from collapsing.

- Two silicone nipples per pack
- Made of food-grade liquid silicone with high strength and transparency
- Elasticity of nipple promotes healthy jaw formation
- Shape of nipple simulates breast-feeding, enabling smooth transition to bottle feeding
- Medium flow/Level 2 nipples are perfect for babies 3-6 months

Resep pembuatan bubur u/ MPASI dari Gasol
sambil rapiin stock Gasol, baru sadar klo skrg di kemasan gasol ada resep2 baru nih.
buat yg bingung cara mengolah tepung gasol, ini sebagian aku ketik ya

Resep bubur Jajelo
Bahan :
10gr tepung gasol jagung
5gr tepung gasol kedelai
5gr tepung gasol kc hijau
200ml air

Cara membuat :
campur rata semua tepung gasol dan air, aduk rata.
jerang di atas api kecil, aduk sampai mendidih dan matang
bisa ditambahkan susu

Resep Bubur Merah Saus Labu Kuning
Bahan 1:
1sdm tepung gasol beras merah wangi
1/2sdm tepung gasol kacang merah
250ml air

Bahan 2:
50gr labu kuning dikukus
75ml air / susu

Cara membuat :
Masukan bahan 1 ke dalam panci dan aduk rata.
Jerang di atas api kecil.
Aduk sampai mendidih dan matang. Angkat

Blender bahan 2 untuk sausnya

Sajikan bubur dengan sausnya

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Training Pants Disney ready stock

Harga @135rb/set isi 3 pcs
buat yg ikutan PO dan dah transfer, pesanan dah dikirim semua ya kemarin malam

Pilihan Desain :
A : Mickey
B : Minnie
C : Pooh

Size : Waist - Length - LegBand (elastic) :
* 90 : 40cm - 22cm - 28cm Suitable for toddler weight 13kg
* 95 : 42cm - 23cm - 29cm Suitable for toddler weight 14kg
* 100 : 43cm - 25cm - 32cm Suitable for toddler weight 16kg

Training pants are designed for toilet/potty training. They can absorb one average sized pee to reduce

wetness leaking out onto your furniture, floor and clothing. You should be able to see or feel when

your child has a miss. Training pants need to be changed once wet or soiled, so that the child learns

to associate dryness with comfort, thereby assisting him in potty training

ini bukan sebagai pengganti Diapers ya, tapi untuk toilet training.
bahannya terdiri dari 3 lapis, jadi agak tebal.
nah klo anak pipis di celana kan jadi ga enak tuh, basah2 lembab.
jadi nantinya pasti bilang klo mo pipis
tapi.... tentunya jangan lupa sambil kita ajarin ya.

Mainan Funtime ada model baru yg dijual di sini...

Teddy Playgym 175rb
Develops Motor Corrdination (3m+)

*With detachable activity toys
*Activity toys with adjustable straps to attach to buggies & strollers
*Easily disassembled for storage

Box Size:60.5x24x11 cm (ongkir kena 3kg volume)

Half Shape Sorter 34rb

Bubble The Clown 43rb

Disposable Slabber/Bibs @4rb
3pcs = 11rb

- ada kantong untuk menampung sisa makanan yg jatuh
- tersedia warna biru dan pink
- praktis untuk pergi2 nih, sekali pakai tinggal buang. tp klo ga kotor, bisa dipake lagi kok.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dari Sassy dan Munchkin ada yg baru dijual di tokokecil
dan yg kemarin2 stocknya habis, dah restock lagi nih

Munchkin 6 Pcs Soft Tip Infant Spoons 65.900 dah restock ya


1. 6 Pcs sendok makan khusus bagi bayi usia 3 bulan keatas, berwarna warni cerah untuk menarik perhatian bayi anda.

2. Ujung sendok berbentuk bulat dan lembut, cocok untuk gusi bayi yang masih lunak.

3. Bentuk pegangan yang ergonomis dengan ukuran cukup panjang agar mudah menyendok bagian dasar tempat makanan yang dalam.

4. Mudah dicuci, diswasher safe

5. Terbuat dari bahan material yang terjamin aman memenuhi standard uji keamanan produk di Amerika.


Big Kid Straw Cup 10 Oz 84.900

tersedia warna biru dan hijau


  1. Botol minum anak anti bocor dan anti tumpah dengan bagian ujung atas sedotan dapat dibuka dan ditutup untuk menghindari debu maupun kotoran.
  2. Cocok saat anak sedang berpergian atau dibawa ke sekolah.
  3. Terbuat dari bahan material BPA-Free yang terjamin memenuhi standard uji keamanan produk di Amerika.
  4. Material : Terbuat dari plastik yang sangat tebal yang dilapisi dengan karet pada bagian bawah botol sehingga tidak mudah pecah.

Bumble Bites 64.900
This teething bee will keep baby busy! Each wing has a different texture for baby to explore. Teether can be placed in the refrigerator to cool water-filled section. Recommended for ages Birth+. Approximate size: 3.75” x 4.5” x 1.25”.

Developmental Benefit
The Bumble Bites Teether encourages development of communication skills through stimulation of the lips and tongue when baby explores the textures and shapes by mouth. Control of the lips and tongue is essential to the development of sound, and later, speech.

Play Tips

* Refrigerate the teether before giving it to baby to chill the water-filled wing. Cool only in a domestic refrigerator and do not place in the freezer compartment.
* Talk to baby about the little bee. Tell baby about the different textures and colors on the wings. Baby loves to hear your voice.
* When baby puts the teether in her mouth, she can feel her lips and tongue against it. This helps baby to learn how her mouth works and will help when she begins to make sounds of her own.

Twisty Figure 8 Teether 65rb


  1. Warna yg menarik dan permukaan tekstur yang berbeda-beda berfungsi sebagai teether.
  2. Berbentuk angka 8 yg mudah untuk dipegang si kecil & dapat diputar - putar untuk melatih motorik halus si kecil dan hubungan sebab-akibat.
  3. Cara membersihkan : Lap dengan air hangat.

Twirl N Teeth Caterpillar Teether 56.900
  1. Teether berbentuk bulat seperti ulat ( caterpillar ) yang melingkar di daun dengan kombinasi warna yang menarik.
  2. Memperkenalkan kepada bayi berbagai bentuk objek, membedakan bentuk dan tekstur selagi menggigit.
  3. Dinginkan teether di dalam kulkas sebelum diberikan kepada si kecil agar bayi merasakan sensasi dingin dan juga untuk merangsang pertumbuhan gigi.
  4. Untuk mendinginkan teether jangan dimasukkan ke dalam freezer.

Sassy Perfect Size Snack Cups Restock
1set isi 3
harga 70.000

Designed with your busy toddler in mind, Perfect-Size Snack Cups are great for snacks of all sizes. Large and medium cups have flip-top lids for easy dispensing while the small cup has a standard lid for convenient storage. Cups nest inside one another for easy storage. Recommended for ages 6+ Months. Top rack dishwasher safe

Link a long Lady Bug @56.900

Baby ladybug rings slide along handle to make fun clacking noise. Large, water-filled wing and easy-to-grasp handle offer soft textures for teething.

Recommended for ages Birth+.

Developmental Benefit
Link Along Ladybug develops communication skills as baby explores textures and shapes while teething. Control of the lips and tongue is essential to the development of sound, and later speech. Show baby how the links rattle and move along the handle. Refrigerate this teether before giving it to baby for a cooling sensation. Cool only in a domestic refrigerator.

Sassy Teething Feeder Replacement Bag
36.900 isi 4pcs => New Price

Perfect for home or travel, the Teething Feeder is a great way to give your baby whole, fresh, age appropriate foods while reducing the risk of choking. The unique ``chill'' feature in the Teething Feeder handle and the convenient storage cap help keep foods fresh while traveling with baby. Recommended for ages 6+ Months. Top rack dishwasher safe.

Flutterin Firefly Teether@34.9000

  1. Teether berbentuk firefly yang imut dan lucu
  2. Bisa berbunyi kerincingan/rattle.
  3. Melatih indera peraba bayi membedakan tekstur/bentuk

Cooling Teether @39.900
ada 4model : Hippo, Turtle, Lion dan Frog
Age: Birth Teethers

  1. Teether/gigit-gigitan berbentuk karakter binatang yang berfungsi untuk merangsang pertumbuhan gigi, mengenal berbagai macam btk karakter binatang dan warna, mengeksplorasi tekstur pada waktu bayi menggigit teether tsb.
  2. Masukkan teether ini kedalam kulkas ( jgn di-freezer ).
  3. Air didalam teether berasal dari air hasil penyulingan yang aman untuk bayi dan tidak beracun apabila terminum.
  4. Material / Bahan : Plastik yang aman dan sesuai dengan standar keamanan bayi di USA dan Eropa.

Sassy Teething Feeder
Digunakan untuk memberi buah atau sayur kepada bayi, tidak usah takut tersedak potongan buah atau sayurnya.

Three Bowl Set (SML) Sassy @119.000

terdiri dari 3 mangkok + tutup
+ 1 alas karet

The Large, Medium, & Small Feeding Bowl set consists of three conveniently sized bowls for both infant and toddler feeding. Each bowl comes with a seal-tight lid for storage and travel. One super grip suction base fits on all three bowls. Recommended for ages 6+ Months. Top rack dishwasher safe. Bowls are microwave safe.

Sassy Mealtime on the go Feeding
Harga : Rp. 84.900

Tempat makan untuk travel atau klo lagi jalan2
terdiri dari 1 kotak makan besar + tutup
3 kotak kecil + tutup masing2 + 1 sendok
jadi makanan tdk tercampur

Sassy No-Scratch Bottle Brush
@ 89.900
Sikat botol ini tidak menggores permukaan botol.
Sangat aman untuk botol2 susu berbahan plastik.

Don't scratch your bottle clean! Only from Sassy, the No-Scratch Bottle Brush safely and effectively cleans your baby's bottle without scratching. It features a unique bristle head that dispenses soap while cleaning and a retractable nipple brush; ideal for easy-cleaning of standard and wide-mouth bottles. Recommended for ages Birth+.

Snack Catcher Munchkin
klo anak dah mulai makan cemilan, spt biskuit, koko krunch, honey star dll gitu, biasanya mereka maunya makan dan ambil sendiri.
ga mau dipegangin.
biar ga tumpah2 atau berantakan, pake deh Snack Catcher dari Munchkin ini.

Cemilannya kita masukin ke dalam Snack Catcher, trus nanti anaknya tinggal masukin tangan melalui tutup plastiknya yg lentur itu.
biarpun dikocok2, isinya ga tumpah asal..... tutupnya itu kepasang dgn baik ya.

Ada yg baru lagi dari kaos kaki Combi Mini
persediaan terbatas

Boy Loafer Combi Mini 50rb
1pak isi 2 pasang
tersedia ukuran :

Combi Boy from Combi Mini
1pak isi 3 pasang 75rb
size 9-12cm
dan size 12-15cm

Ribbon Combi Mini sold out
isi 2pasang = 50rb
ukuran 13-15cm

Minnie Silhoutte 80rb
1 pak isi 3 pasang
tersedia dalam ukuran :
yg ini ukuran lbh besar ya. uk 9-12 aja kyk ukuran 12-15 tipe lain

Combi Girl 75rb
1pak isi 3 pasang
hanya tersedia ukuran 9-12cm

Ribbon Heart 90rb
1pak isi 2 pasang
tersedia dalam ukuran :

MJ High Knee Combi Mini 80rb
1pak isi 2 pasang
tersedia ukuran :
yg ini ukuran lbh besar ya. uk 9-12 aja kyk ukuran 12-15 tipe lain
janice aja muat pake yg 9-12cm.

Animal Tight Ready stock
new design @70rb

tinggal motif C size 95

Ikea Mata dah ready stock lagi nih @75rb
sekarang tersedia dalam 4 pilihan warna : hijau, biru, pink dan merah
(bisa grosir yah skrg)

Bib/ Foot:
Polyethylene plastic.

Eye/ Foot ring:
Synthetic rubber.

Bowl/ Mug/ Lid/ Spoon:
Polypropylene plastic, Polypropylene plastic.

Dishwasher-safe in upper basket.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sparkling Story Book Snow White @47.500
buku cerita bahan boardbook
bagus banget krn kertasnya ada sparkling2nya. cocok utk anak2 usia dini .. krn bukan yg mudah sobek
terdiri dr 14 boardbook pages
ukuran +/- 26x20x2cm

Update baju dan dress Sydney White....
Ada yg baru

Dress Pink size : 2, 4 @52.500 warna dan modelnya manis loh.... bahan katun poplin (katun stretch)
Overall Jeans size : 2, 4 @57.500 (ukurannya lbh besar nih, size 2 buat anak 2-3th, size 4 buat anak 4-5th)
Dress Pita Merah size 2, 4, 6, 8 @55rb => ini cocok buat imlek nih...., bahan katun
Polkadot Ungu size 2, 4 @55rb bahan kaos, rok bawahnya lebar banget
Sifon Biru size 2, 4, 6, 8 @55rb
Sifon Pink size 2, 4, 6, 8 @55rb

petunjuk ukuran :
rata2 size 2 buat anak 1-3 th
size 4 = 3-5th
size 6 = 5-7th
size 8 = 7-9th
jadi misal anaknya bongsor, umur 3 th, sebaiknya ambil size 4
tapi klo anak umur 3 th n badannya mungil, pake size 2 aja
(kecuali yg overall jeans agak besar ukurannya)