Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby Light n Clip @89.900
Gunting kuku bayi yg dilengkapi dgn lampu

  • Lighted Nail Clipper
    Light illuminates from under baby's tiny nail...…taking the guess work out of just where to safely clip! Trim in dark or dimly lit room while baby's sleeping!

  • Safety Guards
    Help prevent baby's tiny fingertip from going in between cutting blades.

  • Nail Clipping Tray
    Helps keep clippings from falling into baby's bedding.

  • Comfort Control Handle
    For easy holding and maneuvering.

  • Travel Case
    For moms on the go!

  • Includes:
    AA battery
Baby Inspired…Mother Invented…Parent Approved!

Like most new moms I had many concerns regarding baby safety, baby care and child safety in general. One concern was trimming my newborns nails without hurting or cutting his fingers.

I knew little about baby clippers but could see that they all had drawbacks to my infant’s safety and my confidence as a new mother. Baby nail clippers are not all the same even though they may seem to be.

Our invention, Baby Light & Clip®, came about through having little success when searching for safety gear in the category of grooming products such as nail clippers mainly safety nail clippers and baby essentials that were geared toward safely for my new baby.
With my little guy being a wiggler and it being hard to see just where to clip, it was on going struggle to trim his nails… Most Pediatricians said, “It is best to trim a baby’s nails while they are sleeping.” It was difficult enough to see his tiny nails in the daylight much less in a dark or dimly lit room…

Talking to Moms, they told me horror stories of how they had accidentally cut their child’s finger because they also had a difficult time seeing where to safely trim and keeping their child still…

With all this consideration Baby Light & Clip® was created with 4 main safety features. We are proud to be a part of providing safety and comfort to parents with our new and unique lighted nail clipper that illuminates from under baby’s tiny nail, taking the guesswork out of where to safely clip.

We hope our safety clipper helps make trimming your child’s nails stress free, painless and easy for you and your baby. Baby Light & Clip® also makes a great shower gift for new mommy and can be found in baby shops, gift shops, hospital gift shops, baby boutiques, pharmacies, drug stores and where unique gifts are found. For use on Infants, toddlers or for the child who still may need trimming while they’re sleeping! Now trimming my son, Tor’s, nails is no longer a struggle. It’s easy and more importantly safe for him.


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