Thursday, January 21, 2010

New stock Buku cerita nih

winie the pooh thinking spot isi 5 @47.500
buku cerita set isi 5 judul
ukuran buku +/- 15x15cm.
masing2 berisi 26 paperback pages

judul cerita :
where did the rain puddle go?
who said "whoo"?
why is the day all gray?
how does your garden grow?
who's hiding?

Story Book Set Pooh 67.500/set
uk besar 20x20cm
1 set terdiri dari 6 buku (dilengkapi dgn kotak) dgn judul :
why does it have to rain?
what is that rumbly in my tummy?
how do you hop so high?
why don't things fall up?
is my shirt getting smaller?
does it float?

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