Monday, October 26, 2009

Dripstik @50rb

  • MADE IN THE USA by a mother of five!
  • Keeps kids' clothes clean by catching the sticky drips from ice cream cones or any frozen treat on a stick.
  • Two products in one: One end holds frozen treats on a stick. Flip the Dripstik over and the other end holds ice cream cones in almost any size and variety.
  • Saves parents time from cleaning up colorful puddles from forgotten desserts.
  • Makes an easy birthday party favor! Serve ice cream without stressing about guests making a mess, then simply send the Dripstik home with them.
  • Perfect for road trips. Indulge your children with stops at ice cream shacks without worrying about the upholstery. Let them get the cone instead of a cup and spoon.
  • Helps disabled or elderly persons, letting them enjoy ice cream with self-sufficiency.
  • Durable, soft plastic is long-lasting and easy-care-- simply pop into the dishwasher!

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