Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nuby non-drip nipple baby bottle triple pack Assorted Colors 10 oz / 300ml Dah datang lagi stocknya nih

Harga @170rb per pak isi 3botol

Nuby Non-Drip Bottles 3 Pack No Leak! No Drip! No Mess!

Made from a break-resistant plastic which does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA). Can be boiled; top rack dishwasher safe; microwave safe for warming fluid only. Always warm fluids with cap and nipple removed. Graduated in both ounces and ml.

Nipple: the first and only Non-Drip nipple is uniquely designed to prevent drips and spills. With a pressure sensitive valve feature safely built right into the nipple, fluid only flows out of nipple with sucking actions of baby. This special Vari-Flo vale closes when sucking actions ceases, ensuring a leak resistant bottle. With your baby comfort in mind, an anti-colic feature was designed into the nipple, helping to prevent ingestion of air by baby, which may cause colic. Nuby has taken this one step further by adding the new nuby nipple with raised offset surfaces that assist in the eruption of teeth by gently massaging infant’s gums. Soft and comfortable for baby’s mouth.

• Anti-Colic Air System (helps prevent ingestion of air by baby

• Vari-Flo Valve (allows child to control liquid’s flow rate

• Teething Nubs (massage and stimulate gums)

• Easty Grip Design (makes it easier for a child to hold

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