Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Coolababy One Size Cloth Diaper Snap Restock

harga @125rb sdh dapat 2 buah insert
ready stock
dapatkan harga lbh ekonomis
beli 2 pcs @120rb
beli 4 pcs @115rb
> 6pcs, harga spesial

bawah : pink, biru tua, aqua (biru muda agak kehijauan)
tengah : biru muda, ijo dan orange
atas : putih, merah dan kuning


* Unique design of 3 snaps in a row, adjustable size, fits baby 3kg to 13kg
* Comes with 2 inserts (super-absorbent 2-layer and 3-layer microfiber terry)
* Outer polyester with PUL laminate to prevent leakage
* Inner made of soft microfleece

Washing Instructions:

* wash diaper prior from use to remove residues left behind from fabric manufacturer
* if diaper has been soiled, rinse content into a bucket, and tip bucket content down the toilet and flush
* do not use bleach or fabric softeners
* tumble dry and/or hang to dry in warm weather

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