Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Swimming Neck Ring => Sold OUT

ada 2 model :
bintang : warna orange, ijo, biru dan pink
hati : warna orange, ijo, biru dan pink
bahan yg ini sama lenturnya dgn yg bulat @80rb, cuma lbh tebal

digunakan untuk bayi/anak. dgn menggunakan ban renang model ini, anak jadi lbh bebas bergerak di air. tangannya tdk terhalang oleh ban renangnya.

ini contoh Janice pakai neck ring-nya

ini ada video baby lagi berenang pakai swimming neck ring-nya

Product Description :

  1. Baby Neck Float (for newborn to 2-year old baby), Inner Diameter of 28cm (max.) and 42.3lb of load.

  2. Material: High density PVC (able to withstand temperature up to 100۫C). Softening process of the inner surface to protect baby’s skin.

  3. Two armrests: Allow parents to monitor baby’s condition and adjust baby’s position while in water.

  4. Two layers of floats: If 1 layer of float is deflated, the 2nd layer is still filled with air thus ensuring baby’s safety.

  5. 4 High quality copper bells: Train the baby’s listening skills.
WARNING : Please note that this is not meant to be a life saving equipment. An adult must accompany the baby at all times during the usage of the neck float.

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