Wednesday, July 01, 2009

No-Spill™ Grip n' Sip™ Cup Stage 2 @125rb SOLD OUT

No-Spill™ Soft Silicone Spout! Easy to hold, Easy to use, Easy to Clean
Stage 2
stock warna : Lime green

The Nûby™ 2 handled cups feature the No-Spill™ easy to use, easy to clean soft silicone spout that prevents spills and reduces leaks. The unique 1 piece valve promotes natural healthy drinking because it needs very little suction, allowing your child’s palate and teeth to grow naturally. The soft easy grip handles are perfect for little hands to hold and encourage your child’s transition from the bottle to cup drinking. Reusable protective spout cover included! * Colors may vary

No-Spill™ Flip n' Sip™ Cup
@125rb SOLD OUT
Flip-it, Sip-it, Seal-it!

Stock warna : Red (new Stock)

The No-Spill™ Flip n’ sip™ cups are designed for active toddlers on the go and encourages them to drink from a straw. The unique silicone straw is no-spill, easy to use and promotes natural healthy drinking whilst the flip-it lid keeps it clean during travel. The easy grip handles are perfect for small hands. So all your toddler needs to do is Flip-it, Sip-it & Seal-it!

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