Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Stock Babywalk @80rb

(ada stok grosir, persediaan terbatas)

bahannya yg ini jauh lebih bagus dari yg moonwalk ya. lbh kokoh dan lbh tebal

The new European style basket with learning to walk. Very human design!
A very super good helper for mummy.

Moon Walk Baby Walker Harness is for children between the ages of 6 months to 18 months to help them to walk. You can no longer bend over.
Its unique design is able to prevent babies from falls during walking and help adults to avoid back bending when holding a small child with a significant difference in height. It especially, helps older people, tall people, and people who has back problems to be able to walk, play and take care of a small baby. It worths of the money you spent.

Benefit both small children and adults
Bring the freedom for your child with a natural postion of learning how to walk
Bring 100% attention to your child
Keep your child close-by

Scientificly designed, Secure and comfort
Long-life usage and multi-functions

Slips on easily, simple to adjust.
Curved-shaped handle, hand-training your baby to walk.
Holds baby upright, providing back and neck support.
Guarding headgear can protect the safety of your baby`s head.

Seat adjusts as your baby grows.
Wide padded shoulder
Can not Machine washable.

Bring the freedom for your child with a natural postion of learning how to walk
Scientific designed, Secure and comfort

Size: 66x31cm -- adjustable
Max Waist: 72cm.
Max strip: 68cm
Load-bearing up to 35 kg

CERTIFICATION: Oeko-Tex Standard 100



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