Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Buku dan Mainan dari Taf Toys

I Love Baby Book 82.500 (harga asli di atas 100rb)

develops baby's cognitive and emotional intelligence

age: 6m+

size: 13 x 13cm

  • on-the-go funny soft book
  • 12 page book
  • easy-to-attach plastic ring
yg ini bisa buat dicantolin di stroller, car seat dll

I'm Happy Baby Book 120rb harga asli sekitar 155rb
  • side 1: high contrast colors, multiple textures, baby safe mirror and face drawings develop baby’s senses and emotional intelligence
  • side 2: rich colors, textures, funny illustrations and rings develop baby’s fine motor skills

age: 0m+

size: 17 x 100cm

  • 2 sides for 2 developmental stages
  • for use in crib or pram
buat di box bayi, ada tali pengikatnya

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