Thursday, March 26, 2009

PreOrder Training Pants part 2 sampai 30 Maret 2009 Closed
ada tambahan model nih. lucu2 loh
barangnya datang kira2 1 bln sejak PO ditutup ya, pembayaran full.

Training pants are designed for toilet/potty training. They can absorb one average sized pee to reduce

wetness leaking out onto your furniture, floor and clothing. You should be able to see or feel when

your child has a miss. Training pants need to be changed once wet or soiled, so that the child learns

to associate dryness with comfort, thereby assisting him in potty training.

Training Pants Monrill
4 layer
1set isi 7pcs spt di gambar. harga 400.000
size 80.90.95

Anpanman 3 layer
harga 240.000 (isi 3)
Stripe: 60% cotton 40% polyester; Others: 80% cotton 20% polyester (cut & sewn pile)
•Fully elastic waist (opening for elastic exchange)
•Waterproof finish
•These are toilet training pants and cannot be used as diapers.
•Size Code: indicates height
•Pattern may be slightly different.
•Machine wash

Cecile 3 layer
size 100 dan 110
harga 250.000 (1set isi 3). tersedia dlm warna pink dan biru

Training Underpants (3-Pack) These are pants for toilet training, and are not a substitute for diapers. [Step 3] Almost ready to graduate from diapers? For these little ones, we bring you fun training underpants. With a 3-layer design to avoid bulkiness and let them move freely Size : 100 , 110

Diaper cover newborn 2pack
Diaper covers for newborn babies.
A set contains 2 covers for boys or girls.
You will change them all the time so you will need as many as possible!
untuk tinggi 50-70cm
Harga 240.000


Diaper cover infant 2 packs
You should upgrade the diaper covers as your child grows. Once your child starts to be more active, replace their diaper covers with a size for infants. Soft colored patterns are cute. There are girls' and boys' versions.
Size 80.90.95
harga 240.000

Clothes diaper 10 pack
100% cotton
ecofriendly for baby bottom
harga 260.000
ukuran 50x50cm

4 Layer Nissen
1 pak isi 4pcs = 240.000
hanya tersedia ukuran 90 dan 95
bahannya terdiri dari 4 lapis
This item is for toilet-training only. It cannot be used as a replacement for a diaper.
[Step 2] Use this item once your child has started toilet training and can tell you when they want to go. Powerful 4-layer structure supports well. It's OK to make mistakes; each step can be fun in training.

6 Layer isi 4pcs = 260.000
Bahannya terdiri dari 6 lapis, sangat cocok untuk yang baru mulai belajar toilet training.
This item is for toilet-training only. It cannot be used as a replacement for a diaper.
[Step 1] Start the toilet training when your child can walk well! 6 layers will totally absorb any accidents. An item great for the failure of the first attempt, and support for the additional tries. Stripe and cute patterns are sure to cheer them up.

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